A Loving Tribute

There are times in live when we are blessed with someone very special.  We cannot imagine what we have done to deserve that privilege and honor.  But we don't want to ever forget how life-changing some friends are to us.  This is the case with our beloved family pet, Cooper.  He is gone from our world but he is in our hearts constantly.  We feel his warm ways guiding us and we have faith we will see him again someday.
Cooper was a very special family dog.  Whether he was playing in the yard, swimming on a warm day or being dressed up by the kids, Cooper was a patient, gentile, loving dog with more soul and devotion than any one creature should have.

He was not a show dog.  We brought him home mostly because he was NOT a good example of fine breeding.  It was because of him that we decided to do what we do: responsibly breed in a small home setting with healthy dogs and supportive vet care.  It is because of his heart and good spirit that we fell so in love with "Newfs". It is because of him that we do our part in making sure the dogs are well-bred, understood, and placed in homes where they will be cherished for the duration of their lives.  We desperately miss Cooper. That will never leave us.  But we know he would give us a quiet look of approval if he could watch us with our home kennel. 
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